Veterans in Parking (ViP) is a Not for Profit Organization comprised of U.S. Military Veterans and Civilians affiliated with the parking industry in the United States. ViP was founded by a group of Parking Professionals that recognized an opportunity to create an organization that would help recruit, hire and place Military Veterans into careers within the Parking industry. The only requirements for active membership in ViP is to have been Honorably Discharged from U.S Military service or currently be on Active Duty, National Guard or Reserve duty status (Military member) or to be involved in the Parking Industry and have a desire to promote the goals and principals of the ViP Organization (Civilian member).

The technological advances in Parking have created tremendous opportunities for future employment and career development and it is the intent of ViP to leverage the unique skills and talents of those with military service to help fill the ranks of our industry. The Parking Industry, like every industry in the United States, owes a debt of gratitude to our Veterans and would benefit greatly by employing those same Veterans and take advantage of their courage and leadership skills to help guide their companies into a profitable future. ViP is funded by Membership dues and donations from the Parking Industry and related companies and those donors are recognized by sponsorship levels as determined by the ViP Board of Directors. We do not discriminate against any perspective or active members based on race, creed, handicap or religion.


Veterans in Parking is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in compliance with IRS regulations. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. Our EIN is: 83-1509633

For additional information, or to join our mission, please feel free to contact us.